Our Name

Wētaviq originally operated 30 years ago as The Great Pacific Fish Company (GPFC), a business founded in 1979. The current name was adopted in 2005.

Our company name reflects Alaska Native ownership and the underlying commitment to provide a strong foundation of high-quality service to every customer. “Wētaviq” (pronounced WĒĒ-tŭh-VĬK) is a Suqpiaq word that means “home” or “foundation.” (Suqpiaq is the original name for the Alutiiq indigenous people.)

Company Ownership

Wētaviq is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alaska Peninsula Corporation (APC), the Alaska Native Village Corporation representing five communities on the Alaska Peninsula in Southwest Alaska (See the map and background information about APC on the next page.). The financial guaranty from our parent corporation is a significant resource to our ability to manage future start up contract work.