Emerging Opportunities

Mining EquipmentNatural Resource Development

Natural resource development is an exciting and potentially lucrative frontier for stakeholders in and around the Iliamna region and through Bristol Bay. At Wētaviq, we know the stakes are high.

Global demand is driving mining, and oil and gas exploration to the edge of a breakthrough in Bristol Bay. Wētaviq is positioned to meet the demands of progressive innovation.
As a major stakeholder near key development sites, Wētaviq seeks to identify and develop professional partnerships to provide a wide array of long term goods and services.

Natural resource development proposed in Bristol Bay will be an enormous undertaking. As a corporation owned by people of the region, Wētaviq is a steward for responsible development on lands owned by our parent company. Wētaviq appreciates and respects the challenges of responsible development.

The Wētaviq Team has the resources and tools to identify manageable projects, provide competitive responses and ultimately- to execute effectively and efficiently.